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Protect your emails in a secure and tamper-evident environment

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Comprehensive email archival solution for efficient performance and functionality.
Preserve and protect your data contained in an email to enable fast retrieval. Configured with anti-virus, and anti-spam in a systematic and efficient manner.

Compliant Database

Capturing and storing every message sent or received by your mail server in a separate, secure database. Email Archival tool by Immenzza remains compliant with GDPR and industry regulations

Productivity Tool

While search functions in services Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail cannot handle sophisticated searches, faster discovery by Email Archival tool by Immenzza, stops time being wasted searching for lost email.

Storage Solution

Takes the pressure off your mail server by efficiently storing all mail and attachments on a separate server.

Supported by Experts

The quality of support received from our engineers is unparalleled by other technologies or other email archiving software providers


Business Continuity Mode

PST import

Combined Searches

Role-based access

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